PASO Medical is a collaboration of medical oncology experts who work together to provide a well-rounded approach to the treatment of each individual patient.

PASO Medical aims to be the key support system and home base for patients who have been diagnosed with cancer as well as those requiring treatment for blood disorders. Our Medical Oncologists and Clinical Haematologist work alongside a Consultant Neurologist, Respiratory & Sleep Physicians and Respiratory Scientists.

For the patient’s convenience, all of our services are located inside Frankston Private Hospital, a purpose built centre which includes:

  • Frankston Private Hospital infusion services – Medical Oncology
  • Frankston Private Hospital – Day Surgery
  • Genesis Care – Radiation Oncology
  • Australian Clinical Labs – Pathology
  • MIA – Radiology
  • Slade Pharmacy

PASO  Medical prides itself on having an on-site clinical trials team who work one-on-one with patients who wish to participate in clinical trials. We are passionate about clinical studies as a way of keeping up to date with the latest research and giving our patients access to new therapies.

Cancer is a disease that requires a team of medical specialists, which is why we hold regular multi-specialty and multi-disciplinary meetings where all relevant specialists and medical professionals meet to assess and decide on the best course of action for patients with a complex diagnosis.

Our dependable staff are dedicated to assisting each patient through the recovery process, allowing PASO Medical to be the go-to organisation for patients who are looking for a reliable and unified team to support them through their journey.