The goal of our clinical trials research department is to work one-on-one with patients who wish to participate in a clinical trial and to assist them throughout the course of their treatment. PASO Medical keeps up to date with the latest clinical trials that are happening all over the world and offer these trials to suitable patients as an additional option for treatment.

The Clinical Trials Unit (CTU) supports academic and commercial research predominantly in patients with oncological cancers (breast, lung, prostate, colorectal, gastro-oesophageal), as well as haematological cancers (lymphoma, multiple myeloma). The unit provides expertise in regulatory submission with most trials now being set up within 12 weeks.

All of our research staff are well-qualified and experienced, and trained in the International Conference on Harmonisation for Good Clinical Practice guidelines (ICH-GCP), to ensure that the rights, integrity and confidentiality of trial participants are protected. Good Clinical Practice is the standard for the design, conduct, performance and monitoring, auditing, recording, analysis and reporting of clinical trials, providing assurance that the data and results are credible and accurate.

Our research staff liaise with patients and their clinicians, and collect and enter data in an accurate and timely manner for all of our sponsors. The staff co-ordinate patient appointments, including imaging, blood tests, ECG’s and other treatment related tests, always delivering the best possible level of care for all trial participants.

Our purpose is to provide patients the opportunity to contribute to ongoing research and to ensure that patients receive the most up to date care from health professionals. We strive to provide and maintain a cancer centre of excellence, whilst contributing to the world of cancer research.

For all enquiries related to Clinical Trials please contact Albert

Phone: (03) 9781 5244