Exciting Results For Prostate Cancer Patients

The ENZAMET Trial results were presented at the ASCO Annual Meeting (the world’s largest oncology conference). ENZAMET was one of 4 clinical trials chosen for presentation at the Plenary (Main) Session at the ASCO Conference on 3/6/19 (out of 3500 abstracts).

I was privileged enough to be the main investigator for this trial at PASO/Frankston Private. This is an international multi-centre trial which originated out of Melbourne and Boston. It clearly shows that prostate cancer patients who have recently diagnosed metastatic disease (that is, cancer which has spread beyond the prostate gland) will be significantly more likely to be alive at 3 years with the oral drug Enzalutamide when added to ADT (androgen deprivation therapy) such as Zoladex. At 3 years of follow up Enzalutamide treated patients had a 33% decrease in their chance of dying as opposed to ADT only treatment arm.

I am glad we were able to bring this cutting-edge clinical trial to patients living on the Mornington Peninsula and South Eastern Melbourne. We have many ongoing trials open to cancer patients seen at PASO. Furthermore, patients without private health insurance will be seen and if eligible for a clinical trial at PASO will be bulk billed. People interested in reading more about the ENZAMET Trial should search it on the web: DOI: 10.1056/NEJMoa1903835. It was published in the prestigious medical journal called The New England Journal of Medicine on 3/6/2019.

Below is the link to the article in the New England Journal

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