Our medical practice adheres to the principles set out by the Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights in Victoria. These rights can be summarised as:

  • Safe and good health services
  • Respect
  • Good communication
  • Privacy
  • You can make choices
  • You can give feedback

Our staff can provide a copy of the Summary of the Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights in Victoria if requested.


In order to optimize your care it would help the Doctors and Staff at PASO if patients:

  • Provide information that enables our Doctors and Staff to give you appropriate care and advice, including information about your condition, previous illnesses, allergies, current medications.
  • Comply with your prescribed treatment, or inform your treating Doctor if you intend to stop the treatment.
  • Advise the treating Doctor if your condition worsens.
  • Keep scheduled appointments, or inform the PASO staff if this is not possible.
  • Treat Doctors, Staff and other patients with courtesy and respect.